Andrew Kozlov

Andrew Kozlov

Expert Web Developer


Bargain Wheels Plus Website
Accounting Group Website
LikeFollyBeach Website
Regnskap 1-2-3 Website
Free lawyer consulting website
Personal blog website
Paddle Length Calculator


Hello, I am Andrew Kozlov, an Expert Web Developer from the Czech Republic.

Do you need any kind of website, web application or maybe add new features to an existing project?

Just drop me a message and we will discuss!

Or, if it is more desirable for you - contact me at Upwork

Listed below are my major experience and skills.

  • PHP 7.x/8.x, PHP OOP
  • Laravel, Yii2
  • HTML5, SCSS, JSON, XML, Bootstrap
  • React.js, jQuery, JavaScript
  • WebSockets, Pusher Channels, AJAX, Socket.IO
  • MySQL, Redis, Memcached, MongoDB
  • PHPUnit, Codeception
  • Sphinx, Elasticsearch
  • nginx, Apache
  • Git, Github, Bitbucket
  • composer, npm
  • Linux, Supervisor, Docker
  • AWS: EC2, S3, SES, SQS, SNS...
  • RESTful APIs, OAuth, GraphQL


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